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Lawn Care Maintenance in Boston, MA

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Though everyone likes to see their lawn in an enviable condition few are aware of the basics of lawn preparation and maintenance. Planting the seeds, spraying for the weeds, and watering your lawn, all look simple but proper maintenance of a good lawn is no simple task. To some, lawn care is serious business – reading every bit of the literature that they come across and going for a serious lawn building exercise that may make this interesting past time a rudimentary daily routine. Lawn care and maintenance is more of an enjoyable past time rather than a core activity. Consider these basics of healthy lawn care. While talking about lawns the first thing to consider is mowing. The frequency of mowing, the growth of the grass, and the lawn movers are all integral ... Read More...

Tips for feeding your lawn nitrogen in Boston

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Nitrogen is vital to your lawn and is one of the most popular fertilizers. You need nitrogen because chlorophyll depends on it as do other proteins and amino acids. These in turn are what makes your lawn green and causes it to grow well. Some things to look for to see if your grass has a nitrogen deficiency are; if it turns yellow despite watering, the grass doesn't grow quickly, diseases are present in your lawn, or if the grass turf starts getting thinner. Depending on the time of year, your budget, and the climate there are three basic types of nitrogen used in fertilizers that are popular to apply. 1. You will find... Read More...

How much water does a lawn really need in the Boston Area?

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While your soil type, the amount of sunshine, and the climate all come into play, a good rule of thumb is 1 to 1 1/2 inches a week. What is most important is HOW you water. You want to water deeply and infrequently to have a healthy deep rooted grass lawn. Let's say you decide on 1 1/2 inches a week. You can do it in 2 doses or one, but don't do just a little each day. If you do a little each day your grass will have shallow roots and you can have all kinds of drought problems. Now if you have sandy soil it is best to water your lawn twice a week since sandy soil drains faster and soon the water becomes too far down for your thirsty grass roots to reach it. By the same token, if you have dry heavy... Read More...

Lawn And Landscape Watering Tips in Boston

When it comes to keeping your lawn and landscaping in peak condition, the odds are that you find yourself using a lot of water. Watering your yard can be an expensive proposition both in terms of the environment and your wallet, and most people do not realize that they could save a lot of time, hassle, and water by following some basic watering tips. In terms of watering equipment, there are a variety of methods to employ when it comes to your yard. If you prefer convenience, you might want to opt for an automatic sprinkling system that operates on a timer. There are also a lot of choices when it comes to manual sprinklers. The three most popular models are the... Read More...


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