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How To Hire Someone To Care For Your Lawn in Boston, MA

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Lawn care is a very important aspect of home maintenance. Lawns need to be regularly mowed, weeded, edged, controlled for pests, and fertilized to ensure a beautiful compliment to your home. Often the amount of time needed to properly care for a lawn can be extensive. With today’s busy schedules, people often don’t have the time to care for their yard properly. Using a lawn care service is an inexpensive way to keep the yard looking nice without taking up all your free time. There are several types of lawn care services from large professional organizations to the neighborhood kid making a few extra dollars. Who to choose will depend... Read More...

Lawn Care Frequently Asked Questions in Boston

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Q: How often should I cut my lawn? A: As part of quality lawn care, regular cutting with a mower should be observed and the grass should be cut to an even height. Cutting your lawn once per week should be sufficient. Q: What is the purpose of raking my lawn? A: This is commonly done in order to remove dead grass. Many people only rake their lawn in the fall as the leaves begin to cover their yard, but a part of effective lawn care requires that lawns by raked during other seasons as well. Q: Is it necessary to water my lawn? A: Not everyone does this, but it is recommended that lawns be watered in order to avoid... Read More...

The Secret To A Beautiful Lawn in the Boston Area

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Actually, having a beautiful lawn isn’t much of a secret at all. Here’s how it works: 1. Plant the right type of grass for your area. 2. Use the proper fertilizer as directed a couple of times a year. 3. Keep well watered during the growing season. 4. Never mow shorter than 1/3rd the present height. Select grass seeds that grow well in your area. Being a native Southern Californian, I was very partial to a Dichondra lawn. Imagine my surprise upon moving to a colder climate to learn it simply wasn’t possible to have a Dichondra lawn due to the colder winters. Plants and seeds are available by catalog according to the zone you live... Read More...

Lawn And Garden Simple Tips For Success in Boston

The lawn or the garden in a residential place or even in a commercial place produces either good or bad ambiance. A beautiful lawn or garden can provide relaxation to the people, especially when it comes with a craftily made landscape. A lovely and healthy garden can resist the destruction from injurious weeds, pests and illnesses, and is truly beneficial to the surroundings. There is no such thing as lasting fast-fix lawn or garden problems using the pesticides. Creating a delightful and well-fit lawn or garden must be planned, done and maintained with utmost care and dedication. There are things or factors... Read More...


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